De Tomaso P900 Revealed As 900-HP V12 Track Special

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But those who take delivery early will get a V10 first.

De Tomaso has been teasing the P900 for a few days, and now we can finally reveal that it's a track special armed with a naturally aspirated V12 engine.

The name comes from the almost unbelievable dry weight of 900 kg, which is roughly 1,984 pounds. De Tomaso is also working towards a 900 horsepower output from the 6.2-liter V12, which can rev up to 12,300 rpm. That makes it two boutique manufacturers still building naturally aspirated V12s that can go beyond 12,000 rpm. While the development of the V12 is still underway, we know a few things about it. It will be a structural component, and when it's finished, it will be the lightest and shortest V12 the world has ever seen.

Only 18 P900s will be built at $3 million a pop, and it's meant for the track only. It seems the P72 will take care of grand touring duties, while the P900 will satiate the need to go exceedingly fast in a controlled environment. Think of it as a Pagani Huayra R, but just slightly more insane.

De Tomaso De Tomaso De Tomaso De Tomaso

We now also understand why De Tomaso teased a V10 engine as well. The company wants the V12 to be as environmentally friendly as possible, which is why it's being designed in-house to run on synthetic fuels. Until then, De Tomaso will offer an in-betweener V10. Not just any V10, mind you. This particular V10 is built by Judd and loosely based on the V10 used in the 1997 Benetton B197 F1 car and several Le Mans racers, and likely a similar unit to the ones found in the McLaren Solus GT.

Power will be sent to the rear wheels via an Xtrac gearbox designed exclusively for this car. De Tomaso promises an LMP-style driving experience, and it seems likely it'll deliver on that promise.

If you look at how it was constructed, it's a pure racing car. First, it's the first hypercar to be designed, developed, and validated on the Nurburgring. De Tomaso started building a factory there earlier this year. The carbon composites needed to make the car were completed by Capricorn GmbH, which is known for its work in Formula 1 and the body panels of the Porsche 919 EVO LMP1 car.

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"At De Tomaso, we pay an enormous amount of attention to the driving experience, in part a large majority of this complex matrix can be attributed to the sounds and vibrations, in essence, the feeling of a naturally aspirated engine firing on all cylinders," said Norman Choi, CEO of De Tomaso. "As a passionate automotive enthusiast, it is difficult for me to accept a silent EV-driven future. We believe that alternatives do exist, and the development of our new platform, driven by synthetic fuels, is our solution for keeping this shared passion for the theatre of combustion engines alive."

According to Choi, the pursuit of synthetic fuels for De Tomaso represents the company's drive towards zero-emissions mobility without culling the sound and soul of an engine that is integral to driving enjoyment.

De Tomaso De Tomaso De Tomaso

The P900 will launch in the second quarter of 2023 without its V12 powertrain. Development of the larger unit will continue into late 2024, and the V10 option exists for those who don't want to wait for the V12.

De Tomaso won't disclose performance figures, but not because there's nothing to brag about. According to De Tomaso, "the performance figures and details of the P900 will remain a secret for the lucky few who choose to enter into the extreme hypercar program."

"Our design team [has] spent a tremendous amount of time overhauling the visual cues of the P72 into a far more performance-focused offering," said Jowyn Wong, lead designer of the P900. "It was critically important for us to maintain the signature De Tomaso DNA without straying too far from our core pillars of elegance and sophistication. The result, we feel, is a car which is evidently aggressive by nature yet still romantic, invoking the emotions of 60's/70's Le Mans Prototypes whilst maintaining a unique and distinctive design language - a true modern day time machine."

De Tomaso De Tomaso De Tomaso De Tomaso

Speaking of the P72, it's the key to P900 ownership. De Tomaso holds its current customers in high regard, and preference will be given to existing P72 customers.

But De Tomaso won't just sell the car to the first 18 P72 owners who placed an order. P900 ownership will be far more than just parking it in the garage and partaking in random track days.

The company is launching the De Tomaso Competizione program for the P900, allowing its customers to join a scheduled race calendar each year. These customers will duke it out on some of the world's most prestigious and demanding raceways. De Tomaso will supply a dedicated team of mechanics and engineers to assist with track day setup, vehicle transportation, on-track performance, and dialing in the car's dynamics. It's more or less the same deal you get with the Ferrari FXX program and the same as the system Pagani runs for Huayra R owners.

If you choose, De Tomaso will also store it for you at its Nurburgring facilities.

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