De Tomaso Pantera L Pops Up On eBay

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Probably the best price you'll ever pay for a classic Italian exotic in such good condition.

Some of you out there will know that we at CarBuzz are big fans of the De Tomaso Pantera, and with good reason. The car was really quite a brilliant idea, a boutique-built Italian supercar with a relatively simple Ford engine. All of the mystique without all of the headaches of trying to get it serviced. A little more than 7,000 units of the car were produced between 1971 and 1991, although the majority of these were produced during the early years.

The car is therefore rare and old enough to be special, but not so much as to be prohibitively expensive. One particularly fine example has surfaced on eBay, and it would be a good buy for a collector. This a 1974 example of the Pantera L, the "Lusso" (luxury) model first introduced in 1972. The car has just 10,000 on it, and is much closer to completely original than you'll be able to easily find for a Pantera. It is even painted in the original and delightfully Seventies shade of green. Bidding is at $57,000 as of writing, but the reserve has not yet been met. Now could be your chance.

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