De Tomaso Pantera Returns

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The new De Tomaso Pantera is set to return at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show.

The Frankfurt Auto Show always draws a crowd and this year should be no different. News has just come in that the De Tomaso Pantera will debut in the German car show this September. A spy video the new Pantera mule came out a few months ago and since then speculation has run amok as to when and where the Italian supercar would be making its first official appearance. The New Pantera is expected to feature Pininfarina styling as well as a vulgar display of power in the form of a 600hp GM-sourced V8.

Auto Bild has recently reported its weight will be just under 2,645lbs, thanks in part due to the Pantera's aluminum body. The previous Pantera was Italian carmaker De Tomaso's most popular model. Between 1971 and 1991, 5,500 cars were produced. Pricing and availability information has not been released yet, though rumor has it De Tomaso is looking to build around 2,000 cars annually. As we approach the Frankfurt Auto Show in mid-September look for more information to slowly start to come out.

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