Dead Bugs Are Causing Chevy Tahoe And GMC Yukon Delivery Delays

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This couldn't come at a worse time.

The all-new Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon full-size SUVs are expected to become vital money-makers for General Motors. Like their predecessors, these SUVs offer the ideal combination of towing and off-roading capabilities and plenty of creature comforts. Crossovers simply don't meet these customers' needs. The pairs' more luxurious corporate cousin, the also all-new 2021 Cadillac Escalade, will also go on sale in the coming months. However, the Tahoe and Yukon are already experiencing a shipping problem that's expected to cause further delays to anxious customers.

Automotive News reports the automaker has been forced to delay a large shipment of the SUVs to dealerships following the discovery of paint issues.

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It turns out mayfly reside has affected the SUVs at the Arlington, Texas factory. What is a mayfly? It's a small aquatic insect with a one to two-day lifespan (though some species only live for two hours while others up to two weeks). The affected SUVs, around 2,600 units, were parked near a lake upon rolling off the assembly line as they waited to be transported nationwide. What else is found near lakes? Mayflies. These vehicles are now covered in bug residue, some worse than others. Although the problem was quickly discovered, around 100 vehicles had already been shipped to dealerships.

One of them, a Tahoe, was purchased by a customer in nearby Oklahoma and there was nasty residue on the hood, which had to be completely repainted. Even the wheels, windows, and chrome accent trim had bug DNA splattered throughout.

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GM issued a dealer bulletin earlier this month informing them of the residue problem. Instructions were provided on how to properly clean it up, but it's a two and a half-hour-long process per vehicle that involves using a bug remover, a power wash, a polishing with a foam pad, and a final inspection under florescent lighting. GM was already forced to halt production for both SUVs for two months due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in limited dealer inventory.

The Arlington factory is now back up and running. But now there's another slight delay because, of all things, bugs.

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