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Deadly Mazda RX-7 Can Be Yours... If You Dare

"This thing is so sketchy."

Last February, Drive channel’s Matt Farah visited 19-year-old gearhead and garage mad scientist Corbin Goodwin in order to check out his 1984 Mazda RX-7. Although Goodwin paid just $350 for the thing, he managed to turn that rust-bucket into "the zero f*cks given RX-7" by keeping its hideous exterior and swapping in a V8. Several other mechanical upgrades were done but in the end Goodwin had himself a 330 horsepower beast that pissed off just about everyone within a tri-state area because it was ridiculously loud.

Even someone like Farah, who’s accustomed to loud and angry cars, was blown away by the thing. Goodwin outright admitted he did his best to build a car that could kill him. Fortunately, Goodwin is still alive and he’s now put that homebuilt menace up for sale on Craigslist. Asking price: $7,222. No clue whether or not that’s the amount he invested in building it.

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