Deadmau5 Brought His Ridiculous Supercar Stable To Canada's International Auto Show

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That ought to liven up this show, eh?

You might not have known this, but the Canadian International Auto Show is going on right now. You might also not have known that EDM artist deadmau5 is Canadian. He is from Toronto, Ontario. Deadmau5 is a fan of supercars and ridiculous wraps. He brought two of his rides out to the show, his Lamborghini Purracan and McLaren P1. We've seen both of these cars before, although the last time we saw the P1 it was wearing a wrap best described as god awful. Those were some dark times, folks.

YouTuber TheStraightPipes sent us this video he shot before the show kicked off. It shows the two supercars unmolested and completely alone, two things they won't be once the show opens to the public. You may hate the Purracan's wrap but you can't fault deadmau5 for a lack of creativity. That custom P1 plate on the other hand…

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