Deadmau5's New Lamborghini Purracan Is The Ultimate Troll On Ferrari

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The Nyan Cat is back!

Deadmau5 is back at it again with his die-hard hobby of accessorizing supercars with crazy wraps. For those of you who may not be familiar with what we're referring to, Canadian house music DJ/producer Deadmau5 has developed a serious reputation for kitting out very expensive supercars with crazy wrap designs. This latest addition in the series of Deadmau5 vehicle wraps is a continuation of a previous theme.

Many of you may recall the infamous "Purrari" debacle in which Deadmau5 managed to incite the ire of Ferrari executives and received a cease and desist order to remove a Nyan Cat wrap from his 458 Italia. The DJ subsequently removed the wrap, sold the Ferrari and moved on to other awesome cars like a McLaren P1. However, it now appears as if the Nyan Cat design did not die with the Purrari. It has now made a return with the DJ's new "Nyanborghini Purracan." Deadmau5's Purracan bears the exact same Nyan Cat wrap as the Purrari, and it also has plenty of other customizations including bright pink brake calipers and "Purracan" door plaques. It looks like Deadmau5 is having the last laugh with this ultimate troll on Ferrari.

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