Deadmau5's New McLaren: The Most Disgusting Supercar Ever?

Paint Job

How NOT to paint a million-dollar supercar.

Some of you may recall the recent Deadmau5 “Purrari” paint job controversy. For those who don’t, allow us to bring you up to speed. About a yearago Canadian house music producer, Deadmau5, managed to piss off top-level Ferrariexecutives with an atrocious Nyan Cat paint job on a 458 Italia. Ferrari was sooffended by the sight of the pink poptart cat on its vehicle, the Italian automaker’s lawyers sent a cease and desist order to Deadmau5to remove the offending paint scheme.

After suffering such negative backlash from a top carmaker like Ferrari, most people would probably reconsider their next paint scheme more carefully. But Deadmau5 is not “most people.” The Canadian music producer wasted no time taking things to the next level.

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He recently purchased a brand new McLaren P1 and, in true Deadmau5 style, graced the vehicle with an absolutely disgusting Ace of Spades paint job. Some might not like it, some may call it freedom of expression, and others might even think it's damn cool. The freshly-painted Deadmau5 McLaren P1 was recently spotted cruising through the streets of Ontario. Check out the video to see the music producer’s new offensive ride and make up your own mind.