Dealer Destroys Man's Camaro ZL1

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And now it refuses to fully compensate him for the loss.

This is a sad story that's been going on since December, when John Hooper brought his 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 coupe into his local Georgetown, Delaware dealer for a minor paint issue covered under warranty. Hooper is a true Camaro guy, having traded in a 1969 Camaro SS and a 2011 Camaro SS in order to own the ZL1. It was his pride and joy with just 10,000 miles on the clock. But while it was still at the dealer, an employee took it for a joyride outside of typical business hours – and wrecked it.


In fact, he lost control and wrapped it around a telephone pole. The dealer didn't tell Hooper about the incident until 16 hours after it happened. Obviously that idiot employee was fired, but the dealer claimed it wasn't their responsibility to provide him with a new car free of charge. Instead, they tried to sell him another 2012 ZL1, but records turned out to show it had not one, but two previous owners. Jalopnik spoke to the dealer sales manager who claimed they offered Hooper $5,000 with the car, but he refused. He also said they went "above and beyond" in trying to find a solution for Hooper. The dealer's offer, advised by its insurance company, still stands, but Hooper ain't budging: he wants a new ZL1 replacement free of charge.

Provided By John Hooper
Provided By John Hooper
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