Dealer Loses $2.7 Million Worth Of Cars As Looters Go Nuts

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Around 80 cars were stolen from a single Californian dealership.

Looting and riots have taken over the news in the US this week, with many pertinent issues being raised as a result. Another result of the issues being faced is the negative impact that numerous businesses have been forced to deal with. Even car dealerships are not immune, and individuals have had their cars attacked too, with one owner having his Porsche 911 GT3 RS completely destroyed. The latest victim is a dealership in California, and almost 80 different cars have been illegally repossessed. Dodge Charger Hellcat models seem to be the most popular reacquisitions, but Challenger Hellcats and Jeeps have been stolen too.

California Dodge's owner, Carlos Hidalgo, says that the vandals and thieves broke in, found the key safes, and simply beeped the remotes until they found cars they could take, all of which they simply drove through the dealership's window. A Dodge Caliber was recovered, as were around 40 of the original group of stolen cars, but many were found severely damaged.

Motors, transmissions, headlights, bumpers, and more had been stripped by the time many of the cars were recovered, and what couldn't be stolen was damaged. A Dodge Charger Hellcat's windscreen is one example. Although this dealer seems to have been hit the hardest in California, it's not the only one.

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Another dealership owner, Mike Sullivan, had between 10 and 12 cars stolen from various lots he owns, and many dealers have since boarded up windows and relocated their stock in case the looters return. Only a few areas of the country seem to be so heavily affected, and most protests have been peaceful. Fortunately, the industry as a whole seems to be on an upward trend, and any positive news in the auto industry is welcome considering how many were negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Once these isolated incidents simmer down, businesses will hopefully resume as normal and more people can return to work at full steam.

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