Dealer Quadruples Price Of Recently Auctioned 1994 Supra

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Can it really be worth $500,000?

Toyota had drawn out the release of its new Supra to the point where there was not much new left to reveal by the time they finally pulled the covers back a few days ago. Whether the new car lives up to the massive hype or not remains to be seen but all of this attention has seen values for the older cars shoot up in spectacular fashion.

Case in point is the 1994 Supra that was recently auctioned off for a mad $121,000 on Bring-A-Trailer. Barely two weeks later Chicago Northside Toyota has the same car listed for a mind-numbing $500,000.

bringatrailer bringatrailer bringatrailer

While their listing does not have any images of the vehicle up as of yet, the VIN number JT2JA82J8R0017477 is the same as that of the Bring A Trailer Supra and the claimed 7,111 miles matches too. Clearly the post was put up in haste as the interior color is claimed to be 'leather' while in another section it is listed as being covered in cloth.

Chicago Northside proudly claim, in uppercase lettering no less, that they use 'market value pricing 'to provide all buyers the 'best market value' vehicles possible. They apparently use real-time internet price comparisons to achieve this so how they got to $500,000 remains a mystery.

bringatrailer bringatrailer bringatrailer bringatrailer

Their pricing is 'haggle free' which probably means they are not willing to negotiate, nevertheless they also say that their entire team is on hand to help so it will be interesting to see if anyone actually gives them a call.

There may not have been this much excitement over the Toyota Supra since Dom and Brian built their heavily modded bright orange example (that one is still the most expensive ever sold), but at this ridiculous price it is more likely to leave fans just plain furious.

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