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Dealer Wants $1.5 Million For Tupac's 1996 BMW 7 Series

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Car's celebrity connection doesn't come cheap.

The definition of what something is worth is generally agreed to be the point where the asking price and what someone is willing to pay for it intersect. A rather obvious observation but one that has particular relevance in the case of this 1996 BMW 750Li.

In the automotive world, rarity, history and celebrity links can all have a positive effect on a vehicle's value, this one ticks most of those boxes but not in the usual way. You see this is the car that hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur was killed in back in September 1996, which is why Celebrity Cars Las Vegas is currently asking a very healthy $1.5 million for it.

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The gruesome drive-by shooting of Tupac in Las Vegas shook the world all those years ago and it may seem a bit grim to try and profit from the event, the pricey Bimmer has been on sale at Celebrity Cars since the fall of 2017 so perhaps other people feel the same way about it. The car itself was acquired by Ryan Hamilton, the owner of Celebrity Cars, back in 2017 from an unnamed owner. When the car first came on sale there was some confusion as to who was actually selling it. The memorabilia business Moments In Time also had the car listed despite not actually having the car.

All of that has since been resolved and the 7 Series has at that point been fully restored so the bullet holes and any other damage are no longer visible, it does however come with papers to validate its history. In this case, though, the restoration may have actually decreased its value, some images from the dealer do seem to show where the damage original occurred but this is not mentioned in the sales info.

Seeing as the car was practically new at the time of the shooting it may seem somewhat surprising to note that it has over 120,000 miles on the clock, clearly the previous owner did not want that velvety-smooth V12 to go to waste.

Whether someone does eventually decide to offer the full asking price for the car is uncertain, this 7 Series is not competing with exotic supercars or iconic classics but rather other one-off celebrity memorabilia like the first bat Babe Ruth ever hit a home run with. That piece of history may have sold for a bit less at $1.25-million, but it didn't come with electric seats, chrome rims or extra rear legroom. The choice is yours.