Dealers Are Shafting Ford Bronco Customers With Last-Minute Price Increases

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The mark-ups are as much as $10k.

The Ford Bronco is one of the most anticipated cars in recent memory, and Ford has done a sterling job of hyping this off-road legend up, but now that it's finally here, the manufacturer can't keep up with demand, and is resorting to some pretty interesting tactics to keep its customers happy. Ford has already begun prepping the high-performance Raptor version of the Bronco which should be launched sometime in 2022, but for now eager clients are paying up to double the MSRP for a Bronco. And in some cases, after placing their orders customers are seeing last-minute delivery markups by unscrupulous dealers, pushing the price up even further.

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Brian Phillips, who co-runs the YouTube channel Pipsburg Views is one such client. After having waited for over a year to take delivery of his Bronco four-door Outer Banks, Phillips was told six days before delivery that the dealer would be adding $10,000 to the bill for "market adjustment". Phillips was forced to play ball, and offered to pay $5,000 over the sticker price, but the dealer has been hesitant, seeing as the dealership can sell the car at an even higher price to a more willing buyer.
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If this sort of behavior was a one-time thing, you could blame the individual, but it seems that this move is being pulled across the US, with numerous Ford fans complaining about the same issue. Members of the Bronco6G forum have complained of $5,000 mark-ups, and others are saying that dealers won't commit to a price until the vehicle is on the showroom floor, and are reserving the right to add markups.

Adding markups to highly anticipated cars is an old trick, but the way dealers are handling the Bronco is unheard of, especially when you're looking at a markup of over ten grand on a car that averages between $30k and $65k. Tsk-tsk.

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