Dealerships Marking Up BMW M2 By 100%


Let's just call them stealerships, shall we?

We've said it before and we'll say it again, the BMW M2 is one of the coolest cars to leave Munich since the E46 M3 CSL. Sure, that was a track-orientated streetcar, but it brought back the soul of what the M badge stands for. The M cars that followed have been great too, make no mistake, but the M2 features great power from the showroom and that power is in a smaller body. Everyone likes a small, tech-rich, power-packed performance car, especially Americans. With so many after the car, dealerships are trying to cash in.


With info from Car and Driver, it seems that dealerships may need to adopt the name "stealership" because they're trying to sell new BMW M2s at huge premiums ranging from a few percent more to one dealership in Los Angeles that's slapped on an outrageous 100 percent increase. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Even used versions are going for more than the MSRP of $52,695. The dealership, sorry, stealership, has listed a new BMW M2 at $105,435 and called it 'Unobtanium" to hint at the mission it is to get your hands on one without waiting for the next shipment of cars, or even the shipment after that. The car in question does have some M-Performance parts fitted but these seemingly total just $12,000.


The same place has a manual version of the M2 that's listed at $86,675, more than $30,000 over MSRP. This is more proof that the BMW M2 is such a desirable car, and the best Bavarian creation for a while because the prices they're sticking to are what you'd expect to pay for the bigger BMW M4. When you see completely outrageous prices listed like this, remember the stealership wouldn't be doing it if there weren't people willing to hand over their hard-earned cash at those prices. While cars do appreciate in value when they're very rare and special, the production numbers of the M2 means that shouldn't happen. Shouldn't, but a fool and his money...

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