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Dear Germanmobile Fanboys: Your Worst Nightmares Have Arrived. Love, Cadillac

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The smack talk continues.

It’s no secret that Cadillac is gunning after the major German luxury carmakers. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are all in its crosshairs. Cadillac in the past has come close but didn’t quite hit the mark when it comes to matching its German rivals in terms of handling, build quality, and overall refinement. But that’s all in the past now. Cadillac has a new president running the show, former Audi of North America chief Johan de Nysschen, who isn’t in the least bit afraid of talking smack against the competition.

In fact, in a recent Facebook post, de Nysschen personally informed the likes of Audi RS, BMW M, Mercedes AMG fanboys that there’s "a new Sheriff in town. Cadillac-V." And it didn’t stop there. De Nysschen went even further by writing this: To the Germanmobile fanboys out here – your worst nightmare has arrived. I’m not referring to horsepower. I’m not referring to torque. I’m not referring to acceleration times. In these areas, you already know that you’re whipped. No, I’m referring to driving dynamics. To handling, braking, steering, cornering...The thoroughbred American muscle-car is back." Someone give this man a medal for being awesome.

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