Death Is A Giant Metal Disc Away From Slicing You In Half On The Highway

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Holy. F-cking. Sh-t.

Over the years, we've seen plenty of messed up shit coming from China, Russia, and a few other countries that don't enforce proper road safety standards. Enforce is the key word here because there'd be no way this guy would get away with what he put in the bed of his truck - a giant, 60-inch metal disc. Let's just call it a massive circular blade type of object. And, low and behold, it wasn't tied down very well, or at all. It rolled out of the bed and into the hood of a "JMC" (a fake GMC Chinese rip off) pickup leaving a 20-inch deep indent.

The driver of the JMC was understandably shaking when got out of his truck and saw what had happened. Shockingly, he wasn't injured.

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