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Deck Out Your Vintage Jaguar Or Land Rover With This Awesome Radio

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This is a great way to improve a classic.

Classic car prices have been on the rise – just ask the guy who paid $48 million for a Ferrari 250 GTO. In fact, classic cars have become so profitable, even new car manufacturers have stepped in to build new versions of their old models. Jaguar-Land Rover recently opened its Classic Center, which will refurbish, restore, and even sell vintage models. Classic cars are great, but they lack the modern creature comforts that many consumers have come to demand. Luckily, JLR has a solution.

A few years ago, Porsche released a vintage-style radio head unit that would add modern features such as navigation and Bluetooth, while still looking factory fresh. JLR will offer a similar system, which it calls the Classic Infotainment System. The single-DIN head unit is even made with metal knobs, so it looks like it belongs on a vintage Jaguar or Land Rover. It features a small, 3.5-inch high-resolution touchscreen to control various functions including navigation and Bluetooth.

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The Classic Infotainment System will be available through JLR's classic parts catalog starting at £1,200 (around $1,550). This would be a great addition to recent recreation models from JLR like the Range Rover Reborn and the Jaguar E-Type Zero. We love the idea of a modern radio that looks vintage because it adds features without looking out of place.