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Deep Down, America Really Does Love That Grille

Lexus proves it has exactly what Americans want.

Althoughpeople love to hate its newest models' design – especially when itcomes to that spindle grille – sales numbers are proving otherwise. In August,Lexus grabbed top spot on the luxury vehicle sales chart, outselling Mercedes and BMW. “As BMW andMercedes move down-market, the Lexus strategy has been very different,” BloombergIntelligence's auto analyst Kevin Tynan commented. “It’s more about theJapanese building quality and reliability and not trying to out-German theGermans.”

Lexus owes much of its success to the NX crossover, which was accountable for 4,448units sales out of the brand's 33,487 total deliveries. A not-so-close second, with 28,373 unitssold, was Mercedes, with the new C-Class enjoying a 39 percent increase over 2014numbers and the GLA crossover selling 2,169 units. BMW came in third lastmonth, with total sales of 27,775 and the 3 Series still leading the company'ssales charts. In a year-to-date examination, BMW is still heading the salescharts for 2015, with its 223,248 units delivered. In this category, Lexus hasnow overtaken Mercedes with 222,151, Leaving Merc in third place with 220,870.

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