Deer Jumps in Front of Speedy Cyclist in Failed Suicide Attempt

Lives to fight another day.

Moose are such a nuisance in Sweden, natives are encouraged to help cull the wild animal. Bearded Scandinavians can often be found camping out in treehouses, shotgun in hand, with only vodka and sausages for sustenance, picking off roaming stags as they pass between their crosshairs. But they are equally problematic in California. Just watch cyclist Silas Patlove’s video if you’re not convinced. In what appears to be an apparent attempt at suicide, a deer leaps in front of his path as he casually rides down Alexander Ave towards Sausalito.

The elegant hop over the railings is so well timed, it simply can’t have been an accident. This deer simply wanted out. Silas claims he suffered mild concussion and memory loss, and that wearing a Giro helmet saved him from serious injury. No word on the extent of the deer’s wellbeing after the crash.

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