Defender Wide Track by Kahn

A. Kahn Design’s Chelsea Truck Company has released a new aftermarket program for the Land Rover Defender.

Under its newexpedition vehicles umbrella, the “Chelsea Truck Company,” A. Kahn Design has revealedits latest aftermarket program dubbed the Military Grey Land Rover DefenderXS90 Chelsea Wide Track.The KahnMilitary Defender comes with a range of exterior enhancements, including a widetrack arch kit made up of front and rear wide wings with integrated vents andbolt apertures, a new front grille, hood vents with mesh, side vents with mesh, a satin black roof and extendedwheel arches, liquid red brake calipers, and undercar Kahn logo projection floorlight.

Inside, GTB racing seats have been fitted up front, while other bespoke touches include a leather steering wheel, interior entry LED lights for the rear cabin, and a rev counter and Churchill time clock finished in red. Rounding off the package is a set of 16-inch 1948 Defender wheels in satin black.

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