Definitely Not Your Dad’s Ford Taurus: The 2013 SHO Performance Package

Could this be the ideal large four-door sedan? It has 365 horsepower and loves to play at the track.

Back in the day (around 1986) the Ford Taurus was launched and it literally changed the image of fleet cars for mid-level managers overnight. Instead of a drab-looking Cutlass Ciera, Ford designed a car that actually looked good and forced competitors back to their drawing boards. When the high-performance SHO hit the market in 1989, it was clear that Ford wanted greater things for their mid-size family sedan. Discontinued 10 years later, we went without one until 2009, when the current generation Taurus debuted.

Powered by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with 365hp, the SHO has truly never been better. Ford has just released this video promoting the 2013 SHO's Performance Package. For those who love weekend adventures at the track but need something conventional for the family during the week, Ford is convinced they've built the ideal car.

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