Defying the Price Tag: Egyptian Builds His Own BMW 1M

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As Egypt struggles to find itself, one citizen manages to build his dream BMW.

Egypt certainly has been in the news a lot this past year. Besides from overthrowing a 30-year-long dictatorship, a few wild soccer matches here and there, and the ongoing battle for a true democracy, things have been running pretty smoothly in the historic North African nation. And like all other countries of the world, there are auto enthusiasts. One Egyptian car guy, who happens to love BMWs, was interested in buying a new 1M Coupe, but he ran into a few bureaucratic tax issues.

That car is a very fine choice if you ask us, but when he found out the price to buy and import the thing would cost some U.S. $150,000, he understandably backed down. But that didn't stop him from getting his dream car.

Thanks to his resourcefulness and his mechanical skills, he built his own 1M Coupe. Starting with a 120d, he then stripped the car down to about nothing and then rebuilt it with a 1M-style suspension, bodywork, and an M3 420hp V8. The final result looks amazingly like the real deal and it's great how this managed to "beat the system."

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