Delage D12 Now Available In America With F1 And Speedster Options

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The French manufacturer claims this is the closest a street-legal car has ever been to an F1 racer.

You might have heard about Delage before. The French luxury automotive manufacturer went bust more than 70 years ago but returned in 2020 with the D12, which isn't remotely luxurious. Instead, it's a street-legal hypercar with a 7.6-liter naturally aspirated V12 coupled with an electric motor that can produce up to 1,100 horsepower.

The D12 made its American debut at Monterey Car Week, and Delage sold seven of the nine cars it had allocated to the USA. Only 30 will be sold globally.

The remaining two build slots will likely be scooped up now that Delage has announced a new conversion that will allow customers to easily convert their car into a Speedster or an F1 variant.

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The conversion is an alternative to the canopy-style roof, and there are two options available. You can either fit a smaller windscreen and turn it into a speedster like the McLaren Elva, or you can opt for a wind deflector that turns it into an F1 car. The latter modification includes a protective halo and a high-end helmet.

Each option costs roughly $190,000, or you can save some money and add both for $260,000. Most customers will likely go for both because why not? When you're paying $2.3 million for the car, you might as well pay for both options.

Delage Delage Delage Delage

The Delage D12 is currently on the final leg of its US tour. Delage gave test drives to several clients who already reserved the car and interested potential clients. Its final stop will be at the Bridge Car Show in the Hamptons on September 17. "We are confident that we will finish our tour with all our nine US cars reserved, which was our initial objective," said Laurent Tapie, CEO of Delage.

McLaren famously had to equip the Elva with a windscreen before it was allowed to be legally imported to the USA, so how is Delage getting around the issue? According to Delage, "it has already begun filing applications in the name of US collector clients to import the D12 under the show [and] display regulations."

Delage Delage Delage Delage

Two versions of the D12 are available, both with back-to-back central seating positions. The GT is slightly less hardcore but produces 1,100 hp. The Club's powertrain is dialed back to 1,010 hp, but it's 200 pounds lighter. Delage says it's the closest a street-legal car has ever come to an F1 car.

To help Delage achieve this goal, it hired F1 world champion, Jacques Villeneuve. Villeneuve was but one of the experts involved in developing the D12.

The next big step is likely the Nurburgring record Delage has been chasing. Delage has stated that it's aiming for six minutes and 40 seconds, which is just over three seconds quicker than the current production car record.

Delage Delage Delage Delage

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