Delage D12 Wants To Roast Porsche's Nurburgring Record

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An F1 champion helped develop this F1 car for the road.

Many of you won't know the name Delage. It was founded in 1905 in France by Louis Delage as a rival to high-end manufacturers like Bugatti, but it went bust in 1953. It's back now, and it's going after Porsche and the Stuttgart brand's close cohorts, Manthey Racing. The first prototype made its debut at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Roughly 66 years later, we're at the beginning of a decade where a new electric or hybrid hypercar is introduced to the world almost daily. Instead of making up a new name or naming the car after himself, French entrepreneur, Laurent Tapie, bought the rights to Delage for a song.

The new Delage's first product, the D12, was introduced in 2020, just in time for the world to shut down and not care about hypercars.

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Now that the world has returned to a semi-normal state, the D12 can set out on its original mission: bring an F1 experience to the road and shatter Nurburgring records. More specifically, it's going after the Porsche 911 GT2 tuned by Manthey Racing. The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Manthey-Racing currently holds the record for production cars with a time of 6:43:30.

How exactly does Delage plan on doing this? The D12 is a hybrid hypercar with an impressive powertrain consisting of an in-house-developed 7.6-liter naturally aspirated V12 that produces 976 horsepower and 614 lb-ft. The additional power provided by the electric motor depends on which specification you choose. In the Club trim, it adds 20 hp, which is enough for torque-filling duties. The GT version adds an additional 109 hp, taking the total power output to 1,085 hp and 794 lb-ft.

Delage Delage Delage

According to Delage, the GT version weighs 3,064 pounds, while the Club weighs 2,866 lbs. Though it may not have as much power as the GT, Delage estimates the weight-saving means it will be five seconds per lap faster.

Delage is aiming for six minutes and 40 seconds around the hallowed Green hell, which is three-and-a-bit seconds quicker than the previously-mentioned Porsche-Manthey mashup.

To break the record for production cars, Delage will produce 30 units. Each car will cost roughly $2.2 million.

As a bonus, Delage will include free driving lessons from the 1997 F1 World Champion, Jacques Villeneuve, who was also responsible for the car's development.

Delage's record-breaking attempt is scheduled for 2023.

Delage Delage Delage

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