UPDATE: Deliveries Of The Lucid Air Will Begin This Weekend

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Right on schedule.

At one point, it looked like Tesla would be dominating the EV market for decades to come, but more small manufacturers are joining the race with some interesting offers, which is great news for the industry and consumers as a whole, and the Lucid Air might be one of the coolest EV products out there right now. Last month, we reported that Lucid would start deliveries of the Lucid Air in October, and it would seem that the manufacturer has remained true to its word. Lucid recently posted a picture to Twitter showing off six of the new Lucid Air Dream Edition vehicles leaving the factory in Casa Grande, Arizona on top of a transporter truck, and has now confirmed that customer deliveries will begin this Saturday, October 30. The first deliveries will be livestreamed at a special social media event to celebrate the momentous occasion.

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Front View
Front View Driving

Those taking deliveries of the first batch of Lucid Air vehicles will also be the first to take part in the inaugural Lucid Rally which will be hosted by senior management and will see the new car's performance and quality tested before the lucky new owners get to go home.

Lucid, which has promised to be a thorn in the side of Tesla, has recently opened up a range of high-end dealerships in California and Arizona, and it would seem that those dealerships will now begin to fill up with actual Dream Edition cars, of which only 520 will be built. These will be the first to hit the showroom floors at a price of $169,000 and will feature a range of 520 miles, the longest range of any EV. The Dream Edition cars feature a special 118kWh version of Lucid's long-range battery pack and manages 4.4 miles per kWh. Reservations of the standard Lucid Air have topped 13,000 vehicles, and the Dream Editions have been sold out. Lucid still offers Grand Touring and Touring models, and the Air Pure model will follow later.

Forward Vision Lucid Top View Lucid View Out Back Lucid
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Top View
View Out Back

The base Lucid Air promises to undercut the Tesla Model S ($94,990) by around $17,590. The Lucid Air Dream Edition packs a combined 1,111 horsepower punch from its dual motor all-wheel-drive setup, will sprint to 60 mph in only 2.42 seconds, top out at 168 mph, and can cross the quarter-mile mark in 9.67 seconds. The 800-hp Grand Touring and 620-hp Touring will go on sale later in the production cycle, and Lucid plans on opening 19 more dealerships throughout North America this year.

"Creating the Lucid Air has truly been a labor of love, with customer deliveries representing the culmination of years of endeavor from the entire Lucid team. So I'm truly excited to hand the keys to our first dear customers and accompany them on an inaugural drive through the iconic California countryside." said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid.

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