Deliveries Of The Volkswagen Golf 8 Have Resumed

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A software bug has been found and fixed.

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the world's most-loved vehicles, and anticipation for the all-new Mk8 version has been mounting for some time. However, deliveries of the new Golf have been delayed due to a software bug. In Europe, all new cars since 2018 require emergency call equipment. With the tech-heavy Golf 8 debuting a number of new systems, it's not much of a surprise that there have been some gremlins, but since this is an old regulation, one would expect VW to have its act together. Nevertheless, the issue has been found and a software update will sort out the issue on any vehicles not yet delivered to customers.


American buyers will only have access to the hot GTI model, and it will only arrive sometime next year as a 2022 model, so the delay that affected European Golfs shouldn't affect our timeline much, if at all. For those buyers who have already received their brand new Golfs, a voluntary recall has been announced by Volkswagen.

Fortunately, only about 15,000 vehicles are affected by the recall in Germany, and we have no doubt that this small glitch will have a very small impact on the success of VW's most popular car. With so much positive feeling around the new design and the new features, the Golf will continue to dominate sales.

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Volkswagen has invested a lot of money in the future of the automobile, and a new arrangement with Ford for self-driving technology will undoubtedly solidify the brand's position of authority in the automotive world. Constant innovation is what keeps a company on top, and VW promises a lot of new ideas and technology, especially on its best-seller. As ever-stricter safety and emissions laws continue to spearhead innovation, even the biggest companies can succumb to small mistakes. Still, we can't wait to drive the new Golf GTi when it finally arrives here, and we're confident that all the tech will contribute to another excellent hot hatch.


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