Delivery Man Falls Asleep, Smashes Into 4 Ferraris

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It gets worse: he wasn't even insured.

A delivery guy or gal's worst nightmare is to get into an accident. Especially when that accident involves smashing into a few supercars after falling asleep at the wheel. Well, that's exactly what happened to a delivery man in Taiwan.

According to, a delivery man from New Taipei City is now facing a huge repair bill after dozing off at the wheel and crashing his Mitsubishi van into four parked Ferraris worth over $1.6 million. The damage to his delivery van is estimated at $39,000. The 20-year-old driver was doing an early 5:40 a.m. shift when the accident occurred, and no other vehicles were involved.

Police say the four Ferraris were parked outside of the parking lot to the Danlan Suspension Bridge in New Taipei City's Shiding District. Each of the Ferraris was painted a different color: red, blue, white, and yellow. All but the white one, an F12berlinetta, are 488 GTBs. Following the crash, authorities pieced together what precisely happened.

The Ferrari owners had gathered for an early morning drive ahead of regular traffic when the delivery driver suddenly scraped the side of the yellow Ferrari with his Mitsubishi van. He then crashed into the back of the white F12, causing a chain reaction with the blue 488 nailing the red lead car. The yellow 488 and F12 suffered the most damage, while the blue car has front-end damage. The red 488 only had minor damage to its rear license plate, but its owner decided not to press charges.

That's the only fortunate part of all of this for the delivery guy. You see, he was driving the van, which belongs to his mother, without insurance. He helps her out with her business in his spare time when not working his main job. He told police he was driving only about 25 mph when the accident occurred and a breathalyzer test proved he was not intoxicated. But because he lacked insurance, he's now responsible for paying the Ferraris' repair bill.

However, upon hearing about what happened, a local business owner has offered to help out with some of the repair costs. When the delivery driver found out about this, he broke down in tears.

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