Delivery-Mileage 1981 DeLorean is Actually Not For Sale

Enter Back to the Future reference here.

Barn finds and time capsules are always exciting, but whenyou’re talking about the car that invented movie time travel, a rare 1981 DeLoreanDMC-12 with only 309 miles on the clock is something that can really fly you back tothe past. The car was discovered in California by a local dealer who wasoffered a trade by a mysterious client: the man wanted a 1966 Corvette 427Coupe, and asked if the dealer would have any interest in this barely-driven1980s classic.

Pouncing on the opportunity, the dealer, Mike Vietro, triedto keep his hands off the car for as long as he could, but ended up washing it,servicing its brakes, suspension struts and tires, replacingthe coolant and oil. Ready to make the carhis own or sell it off to the highest bidder, Vietro called in the owner totake one final look at the revamped car. Seeing it back in its originalcondition, the owner fell back in love with it, and decided to pay for theCorvette and keep the DeLorean for himself.

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