DeLorean Abandoned in the Woods

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This DeLorean DMC-12 was left to live its life in the dark woods and not on the road where it belongs.

This is certainly not something you'll come across during your typical hike in the woods. Originally posted on a Pontiac Fiero Forum and more recently on SpeedMonkey, what you're looking at are images of an abandoned DeLorean DMC-12 in the woods of North Carolina. The car was originally found back in 2009 and supposedly still remains there. We don't know anything about its exact condition, but word is that it's restorable. Unfortunately, the DeLorean is also sitting on private property and efforts to locate the owner have proven futile.

There's supposedly plenty of interest in rescuing and fixing it up to its original condition, but until the property's owner steps forward, the DeLorean will remain hidden away in the thick forest brush. Anyone have any information regarding this DeLorean's story?

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