DeLorean Becomes Another Kind of Time Machine

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Romain Jerome turns its attention to the legendary DMC-12 for its latest DNA timepiece, made with steel from an actual DeLorean.

Though it was only made for a few years, the DeLorean has acquired a cult status. Part of that comes down to its role as the time machine in the "Back to the Future" trilogy. But now Romain Jerome is turning the DeLorean into another kind of time machine altogether. The Swiss watchmaker is known for its DNA line of timepieces that take actual materials from some historic artifact and make a watch around it. Now RJ has turned to the famous stainless sportscar for its latest project.

Following previous watches made with actual moon rock or pieces of the Titanic, the RJ DeLorean watch features a bezel made of steel actually recovered from old DeLorean body panels (presumably those that have been scrapped in restoration projects). The showpiece bezel (that's the outer ring surrounding the face) is set on a 46mm stainless steel case with a dial design that evokes the original DMC-12, with the sub-dial at 9 o'clock patterned after the car's tail lights. The black leather strap is designed to resemble the upholstery in the DeLorean's watch. The timepiece is driven by Romain Jerome's in-house RJ-001-CH 23-jewel automatic mechanical movement with 42-hour power reserve and chronograph function.

Only 81 individually-numbered examples will be made, in reference to the year in which DeLorean started construction. With some 6,500 DMC-12s still on the road, that may not be enough to adorn the wrist of every DeLorean owner out there, but the $15,900 list price ought to be enough to keep out the pre-almanac Biffs. That's also a fair bit more than the $3,500 watch which John DeLorean himself designed with Seiko, but at least this time machine won't vanish into nothing more than thin air and a pair of burning tire tracks.

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