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DeLorean goes Back to the Future in GTA Mod

Grand Theft Auto IV has a new car to steal in the form of the DMC-12 time machine. Puffy orange vest comes as standard equipment.

In the world of modding video games, YouTube user seedyrom34 is most definitely the head honcho. His work on the GTA IV game has taken off like hot cakes, capped by this latest Back to the Future conversion. A time-traveling DeLorean DMC-12 is cool enough, but the ability to play as Marty McFly? The DeLorean, much like Doc Brown's from the fantastic trilogy, has a board in which you can move time forward or backwards and, with the flux capacitor charged and the plutonium topped up, can jump in time with the right amount of speed.

Not only is this perfect for eluding law enforecement but also for leaving flaming tire tracks on the road. Seedyrom34 says you must be a modder of high skill to install it for the PC, but he has left full details for creating it under his video.

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