Delorean Shows Off at New York With Electric Car

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The rejuvinated iconic camaker is joining the field of electric automakers.

Delorean Motor Company is expected to begin production of its new EV, dubbed the DMCev, in 18 months' time, the company's chief Stephen Wynee has told Autoblog. DMC announced its return to business and its adoption of the electric propulsion technology six months ago, and surprised everybody by attending the NY Auto Show without early warning. The cars on display are concept in form without ever being futuristic, as this is the only model Delorean has ever produced in its short career.

With its iconic front wedge shape, gullwing doors and old fashion fascia, it is instantly recognizable. The Delorean Motor Company is based in Texas where its cars will be produced. Delorean will be assisted by EPIC Electric Vehicles, manufacturer of the Torq EV and the AMP ATV all-electric, in the development and adaptation of EV technology to its cars. According to the company's calculations, the DMCev gets 2 to 3 miles per kWh, depending on driving habits and terrain, and can be recharged from a common 110v household power outlet in 3 to 4 hours.

The car carries a 32kWh pack of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries so its range is somewhere between 64 and 96 miles on a charge and that will cost no more than $2.25 for a full tank or 2 cents per mile, compared to a 15 cents of petrol a mile for a regular DMC. The DMCev has a 125mph top speed and a 100-mile range. Published specs claim a 0-60mph time of 4.9 seconds, and the price for all this fun will be $95,000.

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