DeLorean Time Machine Gets the Lego Treatment

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For any DeLorean and Lego fans out there, the "Back to the Future" Time Machine set series has finally arrived. It's about time.

For many people, Legos represent a feeling of youthful nostalgia while others still continue to play with them well into adulthood. We consider ourselves in the latter group, and along with our love for anything "Back to the Future", we were especially excited when it was recently announced that a Lego DeLorean Time Machine series will soon be gracing toy-store shelves. It all started when some BTTF and Lego enthusiasts submitted the Time Machine designs to Lego Cussoo.

This is actually the Lego Group's outreach department that allows fans to submit design proposals. After a lengthy review process, Lego Cuusoo selected the Time Machine series for production. But we have to thank Team BTTF for coming up with these awesome Lego DeLoreans, complete with Marty and Doc figures. There's a total of three DeLoreans, one for each of the three movies. Even Marty and Doc have unique outfits, including their Old West garb. Team BTTF founder Masashi Togami is one of the designers of these awesome Lego DeLoreans as well as serving as a part-time employee for the Lego Cuusoo website.

Nothing has been announced about pricing or when the series will go on sale, but Togami stated that he will donate his one percent royalty from Lego to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

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