DeLorean Unveils Two Wild New Concepts From The Future

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Back to? Instead, DeLorean is only looking forward.

You're not imagining things. DeLorean Motor Company is back. Well, sort of. Hot on the heels of some light legal action thanks to a looming IP lawsuit, the brand is at Monterey Car Week in full force. First, it showed off the upcoming Alpha 5, which will eventually be the brand's first car. Then, to show off the far future of the brand, it showed off two new concepts last night at the DeLorean House.

One, a wagon, is far more based on reality. Essentially, the new car will be a Taycan Cross Turismo fighter. DeLorean calls it the Alpha 5 Plasmatail, and as the name suggests, it's based heavily on the existing Alpha 5. The other is a wild Baja-themed off-roader called the Omega.

DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company

Unfortunately, details on both models are scarce. Thankfully, we can extrapolate a little courtesy of what we do know about the Alpha 5 sedan. As such, we imagine the figures on this upcoming car to be relatively close to the sedan's. That means a 100 kWh battery good for 300 miles of range, for starters. DeLorean hasn't said anything about charging speeds for now. On top of that, the wagon Alpha 5 should be good for 60 mph in a claimed 2.99 seconds and will hustle on to a top speed of 155 mph, just like the sedan. Again, we have to extrapolate a little for specifics, but we imagine the Plasmatail will be AWD with adaptive suspension.

DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company

While that car looks to a future where DeLorean is producing different versions of its current car (ie. the near future), the Omega looks to the distant future, as all good and cool concept cars do. Essentially, DeLorean says this is what its design language will look like in 2040.

It combines everything that sells an EV right now, from sleek styling that screams "electric car" to off-road capability, to futuristic tech. Because it's just a concept, all we know is that the Omega is electrically motivated and features a giant front windscreen that takes up the whole front half of the car.

DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company

It's very clear that both Alpha 5 cars, and the Omega concept, are from a brand that doesn't want to be bogged down in its 88-mile-an-hour roots. Of course, DeLorean is also wading into a very tough segment. Lots of wealthy people have lots of choices in their electric sedans right now, from Lucid to Tesla, to the big brands like Cadillac. Making a splash with the Alpha 5 will take more than some (admittedly hefty) brand recognition and a pretty car. We're looking forward to seeing if DeLorean can stick the landing on its first cars.

DeLorean Motor Company DeLorean Motor Company

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