Delphi F1for3 - A Canvas for Infotainment

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Frank Sbarro created a platform for Delphi to display an integrated infotainment system.

Sbarro, the small Swiss car builder, has teamed up with Delphi, the giant automotive supplier to present the "F1for3" demonstration platform. Shaped as a modern two-seater, it is currently on display at the Sbarro stand at the Geneva Motor Show. It is an open-wheeler, open-top vehicle with flowing lines shaped as a Formula 1 car with front wing, dominant side pods and rear deck that functions as a rear wing when the car moves. The cockpit is full of distracting gadgetry called infotainment.

It is a "demonstration of sophisticated Delphi infotainment technologies that provide reliable high-speed connectivity and an impressive user experience," claims Delphi in a statement. "Sbarro creative, futuristic styling provides the perfect canvas to highlight our leading-edge connectivity technologies and to showcase our expertise in interior styling, feature flexibility, and user interface options." Delphi technical experts worked closely with Sbarro throughout the development process of the F1for3. The result is a connected vehicle that highlights information, entertainment functionality, styling and packaging options.

The system links multiple communication services, including LTE and Car2x, in a single connectivity module and distributes these signals either via cable or wirelessly to provide data quality while driving. The F1for3's mobile TV system uses Delphi's world standard receiver to deliver in-home TV quality; Delphi's Fuba Mobile TV World Tuner integrates all digital TV broadcast standards; in-car TV streaming and use of online data services enabled by wireless video and data signal transmission to mobile smart devices; Delphi's MyFi Connected Navigation Radio is a modular, feature-rich system designed to fulfill in-vehicle demand for entertainment and communication.

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