Delta 4x4 VW Amarok Is The Modified, Ford Ranger-Based Pickup We Want In America

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The Delta 4x4 Amarok 'Beast' lives up to its name.

German tuner Delta 4x4 has been hard at work building a mega off-road truck out of the all-new VW Amarok, resulting in the Delta 4x4 Amarok 'Beast.' It's an exercise in overlanding excellence that would go down a treat amongst American buyers if it weren't for the fact that the Amarok isn't sold in the US.

North American availability of the next-generation Ford Ranger is imminent, but Volkswagen of America says it has no plans to bring the Amarok stateside despite the two trucks sharing underpinnings.

While it may only have been revealed in July 2022, customizing shops are already developing their interpretations of the Amarok theme, but Delta's effort may be the craziest yet.

Delta 4x4 Delta 4x4

If Delta 4x4 sounds familiar, it's for a good reason: It's known for some crazy conversions, including a high-riding Tesla Model 3, a Porsche 911 (992) Carrera 4S rally car, and a genuine cross-Africa Porsche Cayenne. Not even a Rolls Royce Cullinan is immune to their touch.

Considering that the basic Amarok should be a pretty capable off-roader even in stock form, what needs to be done to turn this Volkswagen/Ford crossbreed into a Beast? Delta4x4 starts by fitting a set of beadlock alloy wheels in either 18- or 20-inch diameter. The former run massive 305/70R18 tires, and the latter uses 35x12.5R20 tires, necessitating gigantic wheel arch extensions to cover all the rubber.

Delta 4x4 Delta 4x4

On top of this, Delta4x4 lifted the suspension by almost six inches over the stock setup. Unfortunately, details regarding this suspension upgrade are still unknown.

Add an apparently functional cattle pusher - which is fully compliant with German pedestrian protection criteria - LED light bars on top of the bush bar and in front of the roof rack with its integrated spare wheel holder, and a winch by Horntools, and the look is complete.

The Amarok Beast makes even the toughest Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 look positively delicate. But, even if you can't get one in the US of A, we're fairly certain that many of the Amarok Beast's add-ons will fit the new Ranger as well, so nothing is stopping you from building your own Ranger Beast...

Delta 4x4 Delta 4x4 Delta 4x4

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