DeltaWing Reveals Four-Passenger Street Car


Company wants to team up with large carmaker to bring a road car to the masses.

DeltaWing Technologies wants to take its unique approach to motorsports and apply it to a road car, revealing a rendering of its proposed street-legal vehicle. Sharing the distinctive shape of the DeltaWing, with a narrow front end and wide rear, the street car variant has a larger greenhouse to accommodate four passengers. If you’re wondering why there’s no headlights or door handles in the design, that’s because the carmaker doesn’t plan to build the car.

Instead, DeltaWing Technologies wants to license the platform to other carmakers for mass production. The company “intends to partner with mass-market auto companies that share its vision rather than manufacture independently, thus offering cars with the DeltaWing architecture to a broad global audience and significantly expanding the design’s efficiency and environmental benefits.” Those benefits have already been proven on the race track, where it has competitively challenged using just half the power and fuel of its rivals. That same formula applied to a street car should make it an attractive proposition to a large automaker.

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A production-ready prototype could be ready in four years. With a four-cylinder unit rated at around 100 hp, the DeltaWing’s lightness and aerodynamics enables it to shift from 0-60 mph in six seconds, hit a top speed of 130 mph and return 70 mpg. That’s a combination you have to be excited about seeing on a non-hybrid road car.