Deluded Dealer Wants Half A Million Bucks For The Last BMW M4 GTS

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Dealers and resellers are killing the used car market.

The BMW XM was just revealed in concept form, and it's disgusting. This writer has been a BMW fan since before he could walk, but some sins are unforgivable. It's not a rare sentiment either, and many owners of older BMW M machines are reconsidering upgrading as they usually would around this time of the year. Everyone is concerned that future Bimmers will be even uglier, so holding on to those that aren't blatantly offensive might make sense as a future investment. However, some are trying to push that timeline forward by asking supercar money for cars that would have cost up to five times less just a few months ago. A case in point is the Florida dealer we're shining a light on today, where you'll find a 2016 BMW M4 GTS selling for a whopping $499,900.


As a refresher, the M4 GTS was a hardcore, track-ready version of the first-ever M4, the F82. Only 300 were sold in the US at almost double the price of the M4 Competition with an asking MSRP of $133,205. That extraordinary price was justified by the water injection system, carbon-ceramic brakes, a roll cage, adjustable suspension, an active locking rear differential, unique styling changes, and its ability to lap the Nurburgring around 24 seconds quicker than the regular M4 could manage. So yes, it is a collector's item, and yes, it is very special. But half a million bucks? Is that not just taking opportunism too far?


Well, this one is in very good nick and it's finished in Black Sapphire Metallic, a BMW favorite, instead of the launch color of Frozen Dark Gray Metallic. It also has just 250 miles on the clock, so it's clean. BMW went well over its initial planned global production run of 700 units, and this is the very last one made, number 803. However, we covered another GTS sale last year, with that example having just 61 miles on the clock, and that was struggling to come close to the six-figure mark when bids opened on Bring A Trailer. Bottom line? This Florida dealer (Falcon Auto Brokers in Orlando) is going too far. We'd rather buy a 2021 BMW M4, an M2 CS, and an M5 CS for less.

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