Demand for Suzuki Rises in the US

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Americans can always spot a good bargain, which is why demand for Suzukis in the US has recently surged due to generous incentives and a solid warranty as the automaker prepares to leave the US market.

In a somewhat strange twist of fate, sales of Suzuki cars in the US have risen ever since the Japanese automaker declared bankruptcy last month. As a result of its rough financial state, Suzuki announced then that it would be leaving the US car market once its remaining stock was sold off dealership lots. All told, Suzuki's November sales in the US rose 22 percent and are continuing to climb this month. As one can expect, the reason for this is due to generous incentives and a seven-year warranty program being offered by the automaker.


Americans have always loved a good bargain. But don't think this means that Suzuki is changing its mind about the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Even with solid sales over the past couple of months, it "still can't justify staying in the US auto market," according to M. Freddie Reiss, Suzuki's chief restructuring officer. Despite its automotive division ending business in the US, Suzuki will still honor warranties and other maintenance-related issues owners may have through its dealerships, which will soon be converted to parts and service providers. The motorcycle, ATV and marine engine dealer network remains unaffected by the closure of the automotive unit in the United States.

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