Demolition Drag Racing Is An Actual Sport And It Looks Ridiculously Fun

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If you find drag racing too dull, this is for you.

For some, watching two drivers trying to outrun each other in a straight line during a drag race is dreadfully dull. So renowned redneck and famed YouTuber Cleetus McFarland decided to spice it up a bit by adding a destructive twist to create a new racing discipline, combining the anarchy of demolition derbies with the straight-line speed of drag racing. Part of Cleetus McFarland's "Cleetus and Cars" racing event, the ridiculous sport has been aptly called "Demolition Drag Racing," and it looks like ridiculous, chaotic fun.

The rules are simple. Drivers enter their junked-out cars onto the drag strip and attempt to cross the finish line first as fast as possible. So far, so simple. The twist is that contact isn't just encouraged, it's a requirement – drivers have to hit their rival's car before the finish, or else they're disqualified. As you can imagine, much mayhem ensues.

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You can see how Demolition Drag Racing events pan out in the video above, featuring the wreckage of a PT Cruiser, Crown Vic, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Civic and Volvo wagon. It sounds mindless, but it requires smart tactics to be successful. We particularly admire the Volvo driver's strategy to start the race backwards. Suffice to say, Demolition Drag Racing probably won't have the mainstream appeal of, say, NASCAR, but it looks like a lot of fun. And it's probably a lot cheaper to enter. To finish the job, each car gets a fitting send-off and crushed by a monster truck at the end of the round because why not?

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