Design Los Angeles: Honda Air

2010 LA Auto Show / Comments

The Design Los Angeles competition will be featuring plenty of entries from the world's biggest automakers. One of the headlining automakers is Honda and it is set to present its Honda Air concept. The Air is a vision of the future of lightweight and alternative fuel performance vehicles. Keeping in line with the requirement for a vehicle that's 1,000 lbs or under, the Air has features that were designed to specifically reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

The Honda Air is powered by a compressed air and pneumatic regulator system that utilizes turbo vacuums and external air-flow to regenerate tank pressure. This will ensure that the vehicle will be able to run for extended ranges and provides an increased boost for an estimated 100 miles. The design itself uses vegetable based polymer panels and fairings that serve to protect occupants. The cockpit and package invokes a feeling of a modern roller coaster, but it's also quite pleasant. At just under 800 lbs, the Air will surely be a hit.

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