Design Los Angeles: Maybach DRS

The Design LA challenge will also be seeing the likes of luxury carmakers in addition to the standard ones. Maybach will be presenting its DRS, which is supposed to stand for "Den-Riki-Sha". Essentially, the DRS is supposed to be an electric powered rickshaw, but one that is aligned with modern architecture, infrastructure, and nature. The "Den-Riki-Sha" draws on traditional values of the classic human powered rickshaw, which was widely used in Toykyo in the late 19th century.

The vehicle is the first worldwide naturally manufactured vehicle, and it is a futuristic composition of ultra-light construction in order to comply with the 1,000 lb weight limit. Power is derived from a self balancing electric drive unit and controlled by an onboard computer that's plugged into a mega city's transport infrastructure. This Maybach truly is something straight from the future.

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