2010 LA Auto Show

Design Los Angeles: Mazda MX-0

Another contender in the 2010 Design Los Angeles challenge is Mazda, and it will be presenting the lightweight MX-0. This vehicle is supposed to be a testament to Mazda's commitment to produce low weight vehicles. Its MX-5 Miata was a good try with a weigh-in at just over 2,300 lbs in its first generation. Using the MX-5 as a benchmark, the Mazda design team carried out a systematic process of reduction and consolidation, which has resulted in the MX-0.

Mazda's use of innovative lightweight materials has been extensively used to lower the weight. The automaker has also stated that this vehicle is aimed at the global market of 2010, and with a projected volume of 500,000 units annually. The MX-0 is a zero carbon vehicle that would have positive effects on the world's environment and economy by way of less energy consumption, and minimized use of raw materials. Powering this marvel are high-torque electric motors.

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