2010 LA Auto Show

Design Los Angeles: Mercedes-Benz Biome

We are excited to see Mercedes-Benz's Biome concept at the 2010 Design Los Angeles challenge. The Biome is an ultra light vehicle that utilizes technologies from nature. One such technology is the Mercedes-Benz Symbiosis, a system in which the vehicle becomes part of the ecosystem. How does it work? The Symbiosis vehicles collect energy from the sun and store it in chemical bonds, in the form of a fluid called BioNectar 4534.

Most of the energy used to power the Biome comes from sun, and it is also stored in a lightweight frown material called BioFibre. Lighter than metal or synthetic materials, the BioFibre is actually stronger than steel when mature. The interior is all Mercedes-Benz, and this vehicle is bound to captivate the masses when it debuts LA.

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