Design Los Angeles: Smart 454 WWT

Weighing in at just about 1,000 lbs is Smart's contender for the 2010 Design Los Angeles challenge. The Smart 454 WWT is based on the Tridion-frame chassis and is completely manufactured by high-tech robots. The vehicle is largely designed from carbon fiber and is knitted by Smart's "Smart Granny Robots". The knitting creates complex shapes and forms, enabling the geometry to be optimized in strength and weight.

Smart states that each part is manufactured with the exact material necessary for an optimal balance between weight and function. Windows, fenders, and bumpers are all made of recyclable plastics with ingrained colors. Addressing safety concerns, Smart says that the roof is a thin, but highly durable recycled textile that provides all the necessary safety, as well as different prints and weavings. Lightweight and fun is exactly what Smart was going for with the WWT.

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