2010 LA Auto Show

Design Los Angeles: Toyota NORI

Toyota is no stranger to building better cars that are fuel efficient and green friendly. The NORI concept allows us to see Toyota's advanced design vision using green materials. The NORI's body and chassis are one: a PODULAR form, and designed to be strong, light, and pleasing to the eye. To strengthen it, bioplastics technology is created using "nori", or seaweed, combined with a carbon fiber. This design successful reduces the weight and the number of parts on the NORI.

How are the PODULARS formed? It's actually based on agricultural methods. The POULARD forms are grown in factories located near the sea where seaweed grows. It is there where the seaweed is used as a bioplastic source and there are methods installed to ensure minimal environmental impact. Toyota is also using partial shape insets to form personalization. The color and/or graphics of the NORI can be changed through an electronically generated data charge. Using an electric motor, Toyota will continue further development.

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