Design Los Angeles: Volvo Air Motion

For the 2010 Design Los Angeles challenge, Volvo will be presenting the Air Motion. They're advertising this concept vehicle as "a vehicle lighter than a Formula 1 racing car." Perhaps that's true since the concept is capable of speeding through the canyons without using a drop of gasoline. Weighing in under 1,000 lbs, it invokes the styling of a clam shell, sculpted from ultra light carbon fiber. To minimize weight and complexity, Volvo used few components than in a traditional car.

Adding to that is the powerful and simple compressed air motors that replace a heavy internal combustion engine. To compress the air that's needed for the centrally mounted air tank, Air Replenishment Sites are used. Sounds like science fiction, but these sites would be powered by air turbines floating 1,000 ft. in the air, where they harness the power of the wind and convert it into electricity to provide the compression.

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