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Design Student Pens Wildest Land Rover You’ll Ever See

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Range Rover supercar concept: the best 4x4 by far?

For a firm that can trace its roots back to humble Jeep-inspired mud pluggers, Land Rover has been getting fairly adventurous with its road cars. Who'd have thought a few years ago that the Solihill-based company would genuinely put a convertible Range Rover Evoque into production? As wild as a rag top Evoque is by Land Rover standards, it has nothing on what Oliver Cattel-Ford (a recent graduate of Coventry University's Automotive and Transport Design course) has come up with.

A Land Rover that's just at home on dirt trails as it is on the track, the design study,dubbed the Range Rover Hunter, truly pushes Land Rover's "best 4x4 by far" tagline to its furthest extremes. The traditional, rakish Land Rover design cues, for instance, have been repurposed to generate downforce, and it even has active aerodynamic panels that aren't too dissimilar to what you see on the Pagani Huayra! On the hypothetical chance this all-wheel drive monster encounters rougher terrain, the ride height can be raised up to 30 cm at the push of a button – courtesy of the articulated control arms that attach the wheels to the car's carbon-fiber monocoque tub.

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The rest of the Range Rover Hunter's specs are also befitting of a concept with a supercar-baiting brief.

Combined power from the quad electric motor/turbocharged V6 configuration comes in at over 1,000 hp, and there's an appropriately impractical 150-liter boot nestled behind the two-seater cabin. It's a shame, then, that the Range Rover Hunter will remain a flight of fantasy. However, as Oliver is now part of Land Rover's design team, we hope a handful of the Hunter's outlandish cues make it onto future Land Rover models.