Design Study: 2011 Rolls Royce Phantom TB Gold Edition

Ever envisioned a Rolls Royce with a golden grille, fog lights and rims? It would almost seem like something a James Bond villain would drive. Turkish designer Timur Bozca apparently enjoys adding a commodity to a luxury. His new design shows how innovative one can be when exploring with the options of gold to give the Phantom an even more expensive look, to say the least.

The interior is also lined with enough gold to give high-end jewelers the blues. Although all of the gold will certainly draw attention, it might not necessarily be the attention you would be seeking. There is always the potential threat of leaving your Phantom parked outside that could make it a target for people who want to literally "get their hands" on your extra-luxurious ride. We can only assume that insurance companies will have plenty of fun charging for this ride.

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