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City buses like these may very well be the wave of the future.

With all the focus on personal automobile design, it is easy to lose sight of the vehicles designed to transport the public. The city bus has undergone minor cosmetic procedures before, but those facelifts and refurbishing were nothing compared to what the future has in store. The city bus of the future will look and run differently than any other bus on the road today. And with populations growing in cities throughout the world, public transport will always be a vital element.

Wubbo Ockels is easily the coolest bus ever designed. This stretch limo-bus hybrid is powered by 300kw engine, seats 23 and can do up to 155 mph. The bus was originally designed for Ockels' native Netherlands but is now being pitched to Dubai.

The Credo E-Bone is a hybrid hydrogen fuel-cell electric bus designed by Peter Simon. The bus has a buggish look and is designed to produce nearly all of its own power with its rooftop solar panels providing electricity for the four in-wheel electric engines. The interior of the bus is fairly tame compared to the exterior, but sometimes it's not always about what's inside that counts.

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I don't think there's a more stylish bus on this list than the Robo Bus. Mohammad Ghezel's design is inspired by insects and is plug-in electric with rooftop solar panels providing extra juice if needed. Needless to say more people would elect to take public transportation if all buses looked this bad ("bad" as in "good").

Thomas Heatherwick's redesigned Routemaster recently debuted in London where it showed off a sleek new eye-catching and fuel-saving figure. The design features a hybrid engine, two staircases and the return of a rear-end hop-on-hop-off platform.

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